Creative and driven video game journalist with more than a decade of experience. Great storytelling skills and a nose for the truth. concerned with the reporting and discussion of video games. Over 13 of my reviews have been published at top game-industry and game-review media such as OpenCritic and Metacritic as a BaziCenter representer. Experienced at reporting top game events like Gamescom 2019, 2022, 2023 and DreamHack Leipzig 2019.

Also host multiple podcasts called:

Connection with 6 episodes

Paradox with 31 episodes

Epilogue with 350 episodes so far

Loving games and being an experienced writer have shown me the way of becoming a successful journalist as I have interviewed many top game designers and producers which I mention the most important ones below:

Blair witch Narrative Designer Barbara Kciuk

Cyberpunk 2077  Producer Richard Borzymowski

Little Nightmares II Narrative designer David Mervik

Tails of Iron Producer & Lead Designer Jack Bennett

Blasphemous Producer Mauricio Garcia

A Plague Tale Director Kevin Choteau

Cult of the Lamb Creator Director Julian Wilton

Lies of P Head of Art Department Byung Jun Cha

Being a journalist helped me to become a game influencer as well. I talk about my gaming lifestyle through live-streaming, reviewing the games, and covering top-tier gaming events. To summing up, I have achieved many great goals throughout my social networks such as:

• Over +10k Channel peak viewership at my E3 & Microsoft event with a total view of 45k ,covered on my livestream.

•In January 2022, I ran the most subscriber in a single subathon livestream within Persian streamers with a number of over 11,000 subscribers which was the longest one as well. This livestream lasted 11 days which led me to be in the Top 100 most subscribed streamer’s global list on that month.

• More than 2000 hours total time of streaming

• Reviewed more than 300 game titles on my live shows

• Appreciated for my review by Tarsier Studios on Twitter.

• Ran a 24-hour charity stream for Child labour.

All these activities mentioned above caused me to be a well-known Persian game influencer.