My Interview with Byung Jun Cha, Head of Art Department of Round 8 Studio; The Company behind Lies of P during Gamescom 2022:

1. With Lies of P, you guys have a unique idea of putting Pinocchio in a souls-like game. How did you guys come up with that?

First we wanted to found out the character image from the old stories, so we decided and found out the Pinocchio, we thought Pinocchio is a very interesting character and it would be a good match with the character we wanted to make, so they decided Pinocchio as the main character.

2. Besides FromSoftware games, is there any particular game that made you come up with the idea of making Lies of P?

The director loves the Soulslike games. He wanted a Korean game like Soulslike games, so the idea came from the director. We wanted to make a big tough game which is Korean like Soulslike and Bloodborn.

3. Can you tell us about the builds of the game? Like, if it has a skill-set like Sekiro or a build like Nioh games? Or is it something in between?

We have some lying system, for example a woman in the game is trying to find her baby and she asks Pinocchio I just can’t find my baby can you help me please? And Pinocchio has to answer. After Pinocchio finds the baby he has to talk to the mother but the baby is actually dead, he has to decide if he wants to lie or not. 

Something like that we have as a lying system. We also have weapon system for example you can create your own characteristic weapon by combining the blade and the handhold.

4. Do you have any plans for the multiplayer aspect of the game? Is there any co-op option?

There is no system of multiplayer or online features but we are considering now.

5. We know that Pinocchio is the main character of the game and you can’t change it. But is there any kind of customization options?

There is no customization system in our game but for example you can create your own weapon by combining the blade and the handhold of the weapon. There are also a lot of skins of the character like clothes or shields and something like that.